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Exported MP4 from nDVR recording starts later

I’ve created a test setup with an dvr application (simple ABR with transrating on WSE 4.7.7) with the wse-plugin-autorecording module enabled. I observed following issue.


  1. Start the live ingest (OBS, H.264, 1280x720, CBR, 2500 bps, 1s keyframe int.)
  2. Wait for some time (10 min. or so)
  3. Stop the ingest. Playback of the stream in the player works as expected. The ingested content is included in the recording.
  4. Convert one stream’s recording (e.g. 720p) to an MP4 (via REST API)


The exported MP4 file starts 2 seconds later (also without waiting for the first keyframe).

Same for direct recordings of the live stream to an MP4.

Is there an option to remove this delay or to create a fixed offset of e.g. 5 s?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue, I submitted a ticket a while ago. Did you figure this out?

Let me look up your ticket. I’ll be back shortly.

Your ticket just came through this morning at 6:40 am US time and we ask up to 48 hrs for it to be assigned and researched.

In the meantime, have you checked to make sure your audio and video are aligned? This can prevent delay. Check this property: dvrAllowableAVPackeDelta an also check dvrPacketSortTime as both these need to be properly configured for the recording to be captured properly.

Thank you for submitting a ticket since that will be the fastest way to find the cause. I’ll be sure to follow the progress of your ticket@Vojta Drbohlav