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#EXT-X-ENDLIST this tag is not appended to m3u8 playlist

Hi team ,

#EXT-X-ENDLIST this tag has to be appended to live hls stream playlist.m3u8 file when stream is ended from wowza side , but then i don’t see this tag being appended .

Observed behaviour : so the player keeps on requesting for the next chunk seq number even if stream is ended .

Expected : as soon as stream is ended from wowza side append this tag to playlist.m3u8 file there by player will natively fire event.ended event

Do i need to do any changes in wowza config to get this behaviour , let me know if i am missing something .

Thanks in advance .


We do not have a way to do this for live streams. It is something that we may add in a future release, but no time frame at the moment.


Hi Tom,

This may be possible. However, it should not be necessary as Wowza removes the stream when it ends.


Hi there,

I was looking at using the IHTTPStreamerCupertinoLivePacketizerDataHandler2 outlined in the tutorial to add this tag when I end my live stream so that the client side player knows to stop requesting chunks.

Do you think this would be a viable option?

Thanks in advance

Hi Tom,

This may be possible. However, it should not be necessary as Wowza removes the stream when it ends.


You can trick Wowza to send EXT-X-ENDLIST, you will need to listen to Unpublish events and then you will need to make the HLS packetizer send EXT-X-ENDLIST tag in the last chunk.

Just take a look in IMediaStreamActionNotify3 and ILiveStreamPacketizerActionNotify interfaces.

Hi there,

It has been a year and a half since this request came through and I still don’t have this working in Wowza 4.7. Is this something that is still in the development pipeline?

We are facing a lot of issues in a live webcam multi-presenter environment because of the lack of this feature. If this is something that is not going to come out soon, please help by providing a code snippet of how I can add this myself to the end of the playlist.

Thank you.

@Thiago Lima Have you got this working before? I’d love to see some sample code.

We have this updated workflow for EXT-X-VERSION and M3U8

Hi @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com, I cannot tell the relation between the proposed solution and the problem. I tried to change the ext-x-version to 4 but the behaviour is the same: the tag #EXT-X-ENDLIST is not appended to the end of the m3u8 playlist if incoming stream is interrupted.

There is a solution for Akamai HLS Stream but I couldn’t find some generic solution for any stream.


Hi @Toni_Padilla, that is correct, for EXT-X-ENDLIST, you will need EXT-X-VERSION:4

Did you restart the application for the changes to take effect?

Can you please open a support ticket with conf/logs/example playlist that does not produce the EXT-X-ENDLIST?

*It could be possible your encoder is holding onto a connection, but we’ll need to take a closer look. Thanks.

Hi @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com,

After opening a support ticket , I have the official confirmation that this feature is still not implemented. Even more, it’s not expected/planned in a near future.

I’ve found it quite weird that such a simple, useful and basic feature is not included in a leading product in broadcasting.

Toni Padilla

I appreciate that honest feedback and will pass this on to the Engine management team this morning.