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external drive on a Mac for VOD content

I am running Wowza on a new MacPro. I want to store all the content in an external drive connected by thunderbolt2. Everything works fine if the content folder exists on the internal drive. The external drive is named “videos”. I put an alias of this drive in the content folder and then changed the directory to -content/Volumes/videos. but it does not recognize the drive. Permissions are all good ( I think).

has anyone used an external drive for content on a Mac?



You can use Media Cache to scale the VOD streaming from your Wowza Engine. To do this, you can define a Media Cache source that will point to the location for the external drive. You can get more details about configuring Media Cache here.


Alex C

Thanks Alex. I was able to solve the problem. I had tried using an alias of the drive to get it to connect and that doesn’t work. I had a Linux guy take a look and he was able to fix it.

Hi Brad,

I’m trying to do the exact same thing as you, VOD content on an external thunderbolt RAID on my Mac. How did you manage to connect to it ?