Wowza Community

Extra features Needed

#PIP - Does Wowza provide Picture in Picture for Web and mobile [like OBS system]

  • If yes, what are the libs that support
  • How to enable user (broadcaster) to invite users (subscribers) before their stream goes live?
  • How users to enable or disable chat comments before their stream goes live?
  • How enable users to select whether stream is private or public, before going live?

#Comment on live streaming is there any support for Wowza for comments support to Live Broadcast

  • Any 3rd party that would be compatible to it ?

Custom Params with live stream

  • Can we send the custom parameters with live stream?

#Intro Video

  • How to enable a user to add an intro video to their stream?
  • Is it support mobile and web both?

#Performance with the Active users

  • How we can take care of Performance with max supported user?

#User base for our server and your

  • Please let me know the max supporting user base.

#Audio/Video Call

  • Does it support to audio/video Call, audio/video group call?

#Coordination for user base for two different services

  • Chat and Conference call
  • Our system need to support conference call as well. If we go other library for chat then how we can manage other library user and Wowza user conference call system?

Thanks for your interest @chanakya devraj. Since you require assistance with several topics and we would need so much more info, it would be best for you to have these answered in a conversation with a member of our team. You can arrange that with us here: