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extract audio stream from live stream


Is there any option to extract audio stream from live stream. i have 2 live streams one is audio and other is video but the content is same. If there any option to extract audio stream from video live stream, then we need only one encoder to encode the stream. Any help will be appreciated.

You can use Wowza Transcoder, configure an Encode with Video set to “Disable”

For iOS only, you can use this technique:


There are other ways to get both an A/V stream and an audio-only stream.

  1. Use ffmpeg. Input 1 stream, send 2 streams to Wowza, one of which is audio-only.

  2. Use Wowza 3.0.5+. You can turn off audio or video tracks in your Application.xml.

I have tested it and it works, like so:

  1. Publish FMLE stream named “myStream” to Wowza “live” application.

  2. Create a new live application called “livenovideo”.

  3. Turn off video the Application.xml for the “livenovideo” application.

  4. Create a file containing "rtsp://localhost:1935/live/myStream

  5. Use StreamManager to start “” on application “livenovideo.”

Playback audio+video:


Playback audio only:


vineethkdlr, you can upgrade to Wowza 3 for free.

No, sorry, there is only the iOS method in 2.2.4


Couldn’t you also do this by defining a new stream type using a class that extends mediastreamlive, and not pass the video data to the superclass?


I think you can also do this with a module that can be found here,


But i am using wowza 2.2.4. is this version support Wowza Transcoder ?

Thanks Oliver for adding some modern tool ideas to an old thread- appreciate the suggestions since this post still gets a lot of views.

Hi, actually, extracting audio stream from video live stream is not a big deal. You just need an audio extractor. If you do it on iOS, you can try InShot or iMovie. If on desktop, you might as well have a shot at Joyoshare Media Cutter. These tools are what I have been using. Very helpful.