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extracting clip from DVR not respecting startTime endTime

I’ve tried the module written here:

And I can clip files but somehow they are always rounding up to 10s interval.

For example if I put a startTime / endTime of 5000/8000 it says it’s too short

I I put 5000/50000 it will clip 40s

When I tried the REST API specified here, I can extract files based on the second or less.

How can I get the same precision with Java API ?

Remember that DVR does recording in chunks and they’re broken (splitted) on key frames. My guess is that the key frame interval (aka. GOP size) in your incoming stream is relatively high, so that Wowza is forced to create 10-second chunks.

There’s also a DVR property “dvrChunkDurationMinimum”, but by default it’s set to 1.5 seconds, so unless you’ve changed that value, I don’t think that’s the problem.

Ok but I have the same file and a different behavior with the default REST api and Java API. Is it possible to have a clipping solution not dependent on the input ? I suppose I can transcode the input first.