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Facebook and Twitch Simultaneously

I am trying to stream to Facebook and Twitch simultaneously. I have all the stream URL’s and stream keys. I created a multiple target in clearcaster manager. It will only send to Facebook, not twitch, BUT if I try to stream them separately they both work. Am I missing something?

Hi @Scott Tydings sounds like you made the correct selection to simulcast. Did you happen to make any changes to the encoder settings? There are some guidelines for streaming to multiple sites at once as you can see here:

I’ll have a ClearCaster engineer reach out to you as well to research your specific model so please check your spam mail today- just in case any communication ends up in there. Thanks.

I’m happy to confirm that with a ClearCaster Pro in Universal mode you can simultaneously stream any output to as many different network targets as your network bandwidth or network port on the rear of the machine will allow.

Below is an example broadcast configured to take a 1080P60 source and convert it a 1080P30 output which is then being streamed to 3 different network targets, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch TV.

Whilst in the monitor tab of your broadcast, you should make sure all the destinations are showing a green box, to confirm you have entered the correct stream key and url.

Keep in mind that some social media live streaming platforms have limitations, in terms of stream bandwidth, framerate, vertical and horizontal resolution. That said you can adjust the encoder output in the broadcast settings, once you have connected to each destination as these sites normally provide feedback if the stream doesn’t conform to their specifications.


Dan Germain