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Facebook Live - Records stream but shows error "Something went wrong"

I have added Facebook as a target,

Im using gocoder as the source software with the settings:


Frames: 30

Keyframe: 15

1000 bitrate.

I’ve tried lowering the resolution, and changing frames to 15/7 too.

I can connect to facebook, but it just displays “Something went wrong - Sorry we’re having trouble playing this video”.

Once I end the stream / disable the target, facebook then displays the video in the timeline - and I can watch the whole thing.

So the video is getting through to Facebook, but it is just not showing live in real time it seems.

Which settings am I missing?


Ok looks like facebook needs both video and audio stream - it wont accept only video (which is what I was testing)

I got the hint from looking at the youtube instructions which state this requirement, but the facebook docs do not (yet).