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Facebook Live stream target.SreFaceFacebook Live stream target.

We are working on create a stream target for face book live

We believe , Below one is a sample stream target .{“entryName”:“wowzafbdemo1”, “profile”:“rtmp-facebook”, “facebook.destName”:“My Timeline”, “facebook.streamId”:" ", “facebook.accessToken”:"ENC- “, “facebook.streamURL”:” rtmp:// “, “facebook.destId”:” ", “facebook.privacy”:“onlyMe”, “facebook.destType”:“timeline”, “facebook.description”:“Demo”, “destinationName”:“facebook”, “facebook.title”:“Wowza Demo Stream”}

We are unaware about the below fields.

  1. “facebook.destId”:" ", , how we can get this value from facebook? is it through Graph API?

  2. “facebook.accessToken”:"ENC- " . is it the accessToken recived after the successfull authenticationusing Facebook SDK?, Why its prefixed with ENC-? , or is it retried thriugh any other way?

Any response is appreciated.

Hello @Titto Mathews

Are you not using built in option in Wowza Engine to create a Facebook stream target?

These PushPublishMap.txt entry be created automatically for you. Wowza Engine is using the provided Facebook API that grants access to Facebook live.

Due to the requirements of Facebook Live API, the custom tokens that are created would need to be generated from the Manager UI. This is because an application ID/secret is required to generate the access token.

You can alternatively have a third-party tool that can manage these tokens. You can then use the REST API to create/update stream targets and insert the tokens and RTMP URL information from the third-party tool as JSON data. The stream target would look similar to:{“entryName”:“wowzafbdemo1”, “profile”:“rtmp-facebook”, “facebook.destName”:“My Timeline”, “facebook.streamId”:"", “facebook.accessToken”:“ENC-”, “facebook.streamURL”:“rtmp://”, “facebook.destId”:" ", “facebook.privacy”:“onlyMe”, “facebook.destType”:“timeline”, “facebook.description”:“Demo”, “destinationName”:“facebook”, “facebook.title”:“Wowza Demo Stream”}

To manage stream targets via REST API:


Alex C.