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Facebook Page Stream Targets - Limited to 25 Pages?

For some reason the admin is limiting the number of Facebook pages displayed in the stream target dropdown to 25 pages. Our FB user is a manager for 34 pages, so 9 of the pages don’t show up in the dropdown. When I remove our user as an admin from a page, the list in Wowza updates and one of the missing pages reappears. When I add our user as a manager to a new page, the list updates and one of the older pages disappears. I found PushPublishMap.txt and was gonna manually set these up, but the page warns against hand-editing since that file is maintained by the Wowza REST API. So… is there a way to get around that 25-page limit for the dropdown? What are our options? Thanks!

Oh, and the most obvious solution is to manage the pages with multiple FB users, but that creates some logistical and security issues for us that we’d prefer not to have. Ideally, we would be able to manage as many FB page stream targets as we want with a single user.

Hello sorry for the delay. We would like to ask you to submit a support ticket to see how we can implement this for you since we may need to review this option in Streaming Engine. In the meantime, I could add it as a feature request, but that could take awhile. Your best bet is a ticket to work right away with an engineer.

Thank you.

Great and yes please- do follow up in here. Thanks!

Done, thanks. We’ll post a follow up here if we find a solution.