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Facebook stream traget not working

wowza2.pngwowza1.png i am unable to stream to Facebook through stream target option what is the issue ,how to solve this ,i try reinstall wowza and update latest 4.8.0 also

Hello, I have a couple of video tutorials I can share that may help you find the issue, but not able to determine the cause from the images. You would need to submit a support ticket so we can have full access to your files and logs. That is also how we can run some tests to see if this is an issue on Wowza side of your config or on FB side.

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos that may help you: ( fast forward to FB live portion of tutorial)

And this one from our FB live docs page that you may have already seen:

This issue is currently investigrated. Strangely , I used another computer and it goes through. Can I suggest you delete the link in Business Integration and logout of face book. Then try linking and logging in again