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Failed to parse SessionDescription. a=fingerprint:sha-256


I followed this tutorial to attempt to set up WebRTC. However, it (play/index.html) is not able to establish a connection with the server. It seems to send an offer but when it tries to parse the response, I get the following error:

DOMException: Failed to parse SessionDescription. a=fingerprint:sha-256  Failed to create fingerprint from the digest.

I have a second server that was set up, by me, the same way as this one. While it is able to establish a connection properly, it has other issues that make it almost completely unusable.

However, I was able to use it to cross-reference the SDPs and found this difference:

a=fingerprint:sha-256 8F:00:DA:B8:A2:4C:7F:26:21:B2:2B:A9:F0:B8:E1:4D:9E:5F:DB:20:B7:9C:C4:C5:5E:A1:C2:E0:AA:93:FE:9E\r\n (Works)
a=fingerprint:sha-256 \r\n (Doesn't work)

this thread appears to have had the same issue but a self-signed certificate doesn’t seem to work (the same way, at least). I just get a “can’t find server IP” (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG) error using that.

With the help of support I was able to solve this particular problem so I wanted to answer here, in case someone has similar problems and stumbles upon this in the future.

In VHost.xml I had accidentally placed the “webrtcKeyStorePath” and “webrtcKeyStorePassword” properties in the under / instead of 3 rows below that. I also removed the 3 out of the 4 properties under / in Application.xml, leaving only the “rtpForceH264Constraint” property.