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Failure to connect to primary server


I have installed Wowza Media Server 3.6.3 my laptop(with windows 7 Proffesional) and Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2, am also having static IP.

After the installation have gone to services and started Wowza Media Server 3.6.3

I opened Flash Media Live Encoder and entered the FMS URL as (rtmp://mystaticip/live) and stream as myStream, when i click on connect am getting error as

PROBLEM WITH PRIMARY SERVER (Failure to connect to primary server. Please verify that your server URL and application name are valid and that your internet conncetion is working and retry.)


Are you sure Wowza is running when you get this error?


Perhaps it is just a typo. Wowza is case sensitive, if you have followed examples and are publishing a stream named “myStream”, then “Mystream” will not work.


Are you using a Developer license, perhaps? There is a 10 connection limit, and 2 live stream limit.



The number of connections is unlimited with a monthly subscription license.

Hardware and bandwidth are the factors that impose real world connection limits.


As my colleague, Salvadore, described, you need to confirm your port configuration.

The most important part of configuring this is making sure the ports are open and forwarded to your server/computer IP address in your router. From the Quick Start Guide:

By default, Wowza Media Server 3.5 uses the following ports for streaming. You must open these ports in your firewall to enable streaming:

TCP 1935: RTMP (all variants), RTSP, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), WOWZ™

UDP 6970-9999: RTP UDP Streaming

TCP 8084-8085: JMX/JConsole monitoring and administration

TCP 8086: HTTP administration

This is a 3rd party (non-Wowza) website that provides instructions on how to configure port forwarding for many different broadband internet routers:

To test and confirm that your configuration is working, from the public internet, open this URL in a web browser:

http://[public-ip-address]:1935 and/or http://[]:1935

If port 1935 is open, Wowza is running, and you are using your correct IP address/domain, then you will see a very simple web page load with text that looks like this: “Wowza Media Server 3 Monthly Edition build7101”

I hope you find this helpful.


This sounds like an issue with blocked or improperly mapped ports.

In your router you need to port forward TCP port 1935 to the computer running Wowza. Or on your network you need to map port 1935 to the server running Wowza.


Yes sour in MS DOS console I get the message (Wowza media server is started)

with local IP ( streaming works well. but I can not connect against Adobe flash media encoded with my static IP address (— 84,203 -…) I received a message (Failure to connect to primary server …)

Thank you for your help. Now I can connect to primary server. but I can play streaming just in the local NETWORK.

Wowza player message error as=> Status:stream not found failed to play Mystream; stream not found


I think Wowza unreliable because sometimes my streaming works well (Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder connected I can see my streaming in défrant computer and smartphone) and after 5 … 10 minutes nothing, I try to disconnect and reconnect I received message (PROBLEM WITH PRIMARY SERVER (Failure to connect to primary server. Please verify…) I try again and again many times nothing!. I close wowza and I restarts, I try again OK Adobe Flash Media finally connected I can see my streaming and after 5 … 10 minutes nothing no streaming!!


i using Monthly Edition! with this license how many maximum connection? and how many live stream?


i using Monthly Edition! with this license how many maximum connection? and how many live stream?