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Fastly Streamtarget with Custom Origin - which application type?


I was using Akamai stream targets to send streams from the WSE to the CDN. (using stream targets and connection code)
Since Akamai is being discontinued, I want to set up the same with Fastly, but it seems to work differently. I guess in my case I’d have to set up a target with a “Custom origin”?
If I do that, should the application in WSE be a regular “Live” application, or rather a “Live HTTP Origin” application?

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Hello @Bernhard_Schmidt happy to help with the transition. We’ve recently created several articles around this for Engine > CDN but the right article depends on whether or not you need to push the stream to the CDN or have the CDN pull the stream.

If you are pulling the stream, you need to use the HTTP origin option in Streaming Engine. Then in Step 2 within Streaming Cloud when you are creating the stream target to Fastly, configure it as custom origin.

You need this article If pulling the stream, you have to use HTTP Origin in order to cache for sessionless playback requests from Fastly.

Migrate with Wowza Streaming Engine

Stream directly from Wowza Streaming Engine to Wowza CDN on Fastly

The following resources describe how to set up streaming from Wowza Streaming Engine directly to Wowza CDN on Fastly, bypassing transcoding in Wowza Streaming Cloud.

You can choose to create a Fastly stream target for a push-based or pull-based workflow.

Configure using a pull-based workflow:

Configure using a push-based workflow:

MAIN DOCUMENTATION: Migrating from Akamai to Fastly for either Streaming Engine or Streaming Cloud

Pay close attention to those firewalls if that is the reason it’s not working for you, We cover this in the video inside the migration doc as well as in Step 8 in the doc.

But, I’ll post the video here where we explain the firewall and port forwarding issues you may encounter.