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Few questions regarding Wowza streaming cloud solution

Dear Support Team,

I am very new to this streaming concept so I want to use wowza streaming cloud to stream my live events to audiences worldwide.

I have few questions:

  1. If encoder is the part of wowza streaming cloud or I will have to encode stream first using encoders like FMLE or FFMPEG etc. then to transfer to wowza streaming cloud. OR I will have to transfer stream directly to wowza streaming cloud and it will get encoded there.

  2. I cannot attach my video cameras directly to my laptop then what can be solution or which hardware I will have to use that will act as interface between my video camera and laptop and pass the video captured from camera to my laptop. I know it is not the right place to ask this question because wowza streaming cloud has nothing to deal it with but Actually I have worked with only in-built laptop or mobile camera or other USB camera so interacting with video cameras first time. So if you can suggest then it will be very helpful for me.



In order for Wowza Cloud to ingest your stream, you will need to send the stream in via an encoder, for example with ffmpeg like you mentioned. It is in Wowza Cloud where the stream is transmuxed and provided to the CDN for playback requests.

One option you can try out is to use a software encoder like OBS or WireCast. The software will should see the cameras and you can choose them as a source to stream out.

I hope this helps.