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File Versioning Template not working any more

Hi, before update to Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Subscription Edition 4.7.3 build21227 I was able to record with default File Versioning Template: The file name that was store is something like this: mystream_2017-11-20-

But now with this version of wowza just record files like this:




In File Versioning Template dialog box show this: ${SourceStreamName}${RecordingStartTime}${SegmentNumber}

But doesn’t work, I need the time in the file name

I think this is a bug because I tried the same default method in Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Subscription Edition 4.7.0 build20186 to record and works fine! Can you guys help me?

I have the same problem too

We are using REST API
Finally we pass the field “baseFile” with value “${SourceStreamName}${RecordingStartTime}${SegmentNumber}.mp4” to solve the problem

seems related to this change…