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Finding ways to have team meetings

Hi there, we are a online business making us keep our website updated for the new customers.It was fine but lock down forced us to work from home. We have been finding a easier way to connect with our team members and customers to when it comes to a have meetings or discussing or new development. So my question is does Wowza offer any services that I could use for team meeting or a way to communicate with my customers?

Hi @Roisin_Raymond, welcome to wowza and our forums community. I can help you with your question. If you’re looking for something like Zoom to interact in real-time and share your screen, your option would be using WebRTC to build a conference-style application. I don’t know your engineering level, but it should be said for anyone following this question that our WebRTC offering is not an out-of-the-box solution.

It will require some advanced knowledge of the WebRTC API’s and as well as Javascript for a player. Having said that, we have had several customers build a live, interactive platform as you have described. Here is some info and if you’d like to get even more details on a license/trial or even some help on building it, you can email for a free technical consultation with a sales engineer.

A blog describing WebRTC and how it’s used in live meetings.

Common WebRTC workflow

Technical documentation: