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Fios or T1 or Better?

Hey guys, Im a little confused as to where to go from here.

I am about to launch a streaming site.

The streams will go at almost 1 mps and the recording will go at the same.

My scenario is 30 clients, 1mbs per stream, and each client will have every stream they have done recorded for playback to users. Say every stream has at least 100 viewers. And Fios supposbly has unlimited bandwidth, is this the right Internet package I should be looking into?

The package I want is Fios’s highest, which is 150/35.

If each client streams at the same time, would this mean that I am using 30 meg per second of upload? And each of the 100 viewers per client are watching. Should I be ok?

Should I look into T1? Or even T3?

This is also not counting the recorded views going on at the same time? Say I have about another 50 users concuretly watching different recorded streams per client, am I in the clear?

My understanding is bandwidth is key! The recorded views will rely on bandwidth, and all other users watching the live streams rely on bandwidth too. Am I correct or way off?

Thanks, I appreciate any responses.


Hello joncav2222,

“My understanding is bandwidth is key! The recorded views will rely on bandwidth, and all other users watching the live streams rely on bandwidth too. Am I correct or way off?”

You’re right! Bandwidth is the major consideration when provisioning a new server. You just need to figure out what the maximum bandwidth is that you want/need to support, and then purchase that. I’d show you how to do the calculation, but I couldn’t figure it out from your post. o_O

I don’t understand what you mean by “clients” and “viewers”. Instead try to speak in “connections” to your Wowza server. NumConnections * Bitrate = Bandwidth. T3 is 44.736Mbps. right? So the calculation for how many 1Mbps streams you can serve on a 44Mbps connection is 44Mbps/1Mbps = 44. You can serve up to 44 1Mbps streams on a T3.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about bandwidth. Just go with a provider that can scale your bandwidth, and then focus on building your project.

Also, why this focus on a T3? What does that cost, like $3000/mo? Many hosts cost ~$100/month and can do 100Mbps up/down. More than a T3.

Thanks for the reply randall,

What information do you need in order to make the calculation, I’m under the impression you are looking for this;

Clients: 30

Streams: 1Mb/s

Runtime: 180 minutes

Viewers: 200

Viewers Watch: each viewer watches for about 30-45 minutes

Now if there are 30 concurrent streams going on at the same time, I believe the bandwidth is pretty big.

If so is this normal/average for streaming.

Would you happen to know if Fios is the right route for this.

Like I said 1 Mb/s per client, should use 1Mb of my upload speed. So 1 client takes me down to 34 Mb/s of upload.

(I understand that the speeds vary and fluctuate so I won’t be getting a steady 35Mbs)

Fios, from what I am reading, they want small business to use this package because they will distribute the bandwidth needed to help you grow. I have also seen on forums people getting away with Terabytes per month of bandwidth on smaller packages of Fios.

I assume that if I was to go past 30 clients I would install another system and load balance the two and so on.

Once I reach a fair amount of systems I should then consider T3 or something along those lines.

I have a lot of details about streaming but have searched everywhere and havent been able to find out what other companies use for Internet. I mean it’s the most important thing to have and I can’t imagine how it hasn’t been explained a bit better.

I guess this post is turning into if I am on the right track or not, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorry about that, as in “Clients” I mean connections to the server. I had been discussing this as a business aspect for a long time and it kinda stuck lol.

I only think T3 because I don’t know what anyone else is using so I was confused if T3 is a normal Internet package for streaming. I’m going to go with Fios, they are cheap, and should do the job. Thanks randall for the help. I will come back and let you guys know how it’s working once I get started.