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First Thread on Wowza Player

I read through the documents about setting up the embed code, went to the Wowza Player Builder, filled out the info, saw the video play and copied the embed code. I created an html doc with the embedded code inside. I’m not sure what the next step is. The docs say to add it to my website. I don’t have a website. So, I tried embedding the code into a Google site and it complained and stripped the offending material out, which I think was everything. I tried to open the html doc I created above in a browser, but nothing happened. I’m not a website coder or designer, so not sure what I’m missing or where to start.

All I want is a simple way for my teachers to stream videos on demand to their classroom. We use Wirecast to steam our morning TV show to the classrooms, which works great. Streaming VOD to VLC, doesn’t appear to work in that I don’t have the typical tools to scroll forwards or backwards. My apologies, this is a new area for me, so my ignorance is very apparent.

Thank you for updating this post and happy you sorted this out.