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Fixes for this website page: How to playback with the example MPEG-DASH players


I wanted to bring to our attention a few mistakes on the following page:

  1. The name of the DASH-IF player is not “DASH-JS”, it is “dash.js”. DASH-JS is a competitor somehow, open-source, edited by ITEC:

  2. In the “DASH player integration” subpart, it says that “GPAC Osmo4/MP4Client” “Live playback isn’t supported.” This is wrong. Additionally GPACo supports DRMs thru Common Encryption and it would be fair to list them as for the other players. You can contact the GPAC developers on their forums or using the professional support form.

Please let me know what you think about this fix.




Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention! We’ve updated the dash.js references. We’ll have another look at the latest GPAC player. Glad to hear that it does support live DASH manifests. I know that our testing last year seemed to indicate that it didn’t ever refresh the MPD after the initial request, so we assumed it didn’t actually support “dynamic” MPDs. It could be that there was some other timing conflict with the MPD.


  • Rich

While reading other pages, it seemk that has the same player approximations.

Thank you Rich. I’m looking forward to your feedback or questions if you have any.




Do you have any news on this?