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Fixing video stutter problem in handbrake encoded h.264 video's

We record soccer matches from satellite tv and we want to stream them from a Wowza Media server (v3.0.3).

The recordings are mpeg2 transport steams (ts files). Wowza required MP4 containers so we encode those video’s using handbrake to MP4 (h264). We choose h264 because we want to support both RTMP and (Apple) HLS streaming.

So far so good. Handbrake produces great quality video but there is one problem; they all have a slight stutter in both audio and video. We’ve tried adjusting every settings in the advances settings tab but I can’t seem to get rid of that stutter. The stutter is always there on certain moments in the video. The original TS video doesn’t have this problem.

I’m not an expert in video encoding so I’m asking you if you have any tips, hints or leads that can help me fix this issue?

Here’s a link with a (partial) clip that display the stutter behavior: (same as origin) (fixed at 25fps)

This is the preset that I’ve used:

I don’t know Handbrake, but we have encoding suggestions for ffmpeg and Expression 4 here that might be useful for reference or instead:

The problem might just be stream bitrate vs client bandwidth. If you test with same encoding parameters except half the bitrate, does the problem persist? Are you encoding with b-frames? If so, try without. Are you using High Profile? If so, use Main or Baseline.