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Flashphoner - Flash-to-SIP gateway

Hello, guys!

Meet Flashphoner - Flash to SIP gateway based on Wowza Media Server 2

Flashphoner support voice calls on (Flash Player + Wowza Media Server 2 + VoIP server) platform for SIP/RTP protocols.

Flashphoner make it possible to develop SIP phone systems based on Adobe Flash Player and Wowza Media Server 2.

You can do it now with Flashphoner.


  • Connect Wowza and VOIP servers

  • Audio calls - support Speex, G711, G729 codecs

  • Video calls - support H263 codec

  • Voice menu - support DTMF

  • Client - open source Flash- and JS phones

  • Client - open source Flash- and JS clic2call buttons

  • Client - multifunctional API, allows you to create your own webphones

    Requirements - software

  • Linux

  • Adobe Flash Player 10

  • Wowza Media Server 2

  • JDK 1.6

  • gcc (GNU compiler collection required for Linux installation)

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+ Tcpdump integration June, 9

Flashoner was integrated with tcpdump.

Now tcpdump logs are writing automatically to the /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/logs folder.

This greatly simplifies integration Flashsphoner with VoIP server.

+ Exceptions logging June, 8

Added correctly exceptions displaying in the logs.

+ New Call widget June, 10

New widget you can see above on the main page.

For call - use SIP account of any VoIP provider.

Calls within provider network are free.

Calls to cellular or PSTN requires money on your SIP account.

Exactly the same widget with open source code is in complete with Flashphoner archive.

You can download it from main page.

+ JDK definition June, 10

Fixed problem with incorrect JDK definition of JDK.

Now if Flashphoner can`t determine JDK path - you will be asked to specify it manually.

+ DTMF support July, 5

Added DTMF support - now you can use Flashphoner for any IVR or some voice menu.

Also added Java Script controls for buttons, so you can send DTMF signals by Java Script

You can use HTTProvider.


Can you call into a WMS application from a mobile phone?

Looking for a way to connect mobile users with Flash users. Thanks.

Hello, papad06!

Yes, you can use Flashphoner for dialing to POTS number and get streams from this to stream it to flash client

Flashphoner has great news.

There is new release we called “JS Phone”

There is full-featured JS API here, anв we already our own JavaScript Phone

with full JS interface.

Please check it on our main page -

Flashphoner released new version - “32x” (!

New features

– Support G729 and H263 codecs for 32bit systems

– RE-INVITE - Now you can turn call to video and back to audio during the conversation

More details at release notes page.

You can downloads it from download page

Hi, all!

Meet new Flashphoner version - “Transfer” (

Transfer, Hold and Multicalls features are supported now.

From now you can make your own full-featured Flash-based Call Center

Details here

Check our learning video

Flashphoner server app - building anв deploying


Flashphoner client app - customizing and building


Flashphoner API - building


Hi, is there a way I can use this to dial into a normal conference call on POTS and have that available as a wowza stream for end users with flash/html5 and other clients?

Integrating VOIP/SIP with video? That’s something popular VOIP servers like Asterisk don’t do. I see a lot of possibilities for this:

-Smartphones and tablet PCs doing video calls to standard phone numbers without using cellphone minutes.

-Integration with corporate PBXs.

-Replacing legacy video conference hardware:

“We should ask Bob in engineering about that.” “Ok, just dial his number.”

-Would really add a new level of personalized service to large telephone customer service operations who already have a PBX with a CDR (Call Detail Records) application.

Cool stuff. You should make an Asterisk module that uses your software to add click-to-call to Asterisk.