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FloWplayer 5.3.2 in Wowza - problem


I have a problem when trying to play a video des through the flowplayer wowza 5.3.2, just bought the license for a domain, but I can not play any video I have in my wowza, whether as vod and live not play.

I found on several forums wowza that would have to insert the code;

But when I test with chrome duelve me the following error;

undefined: Unsupported video format. Try installing Adobe Flash.

If I try it in Firefox, I get 3 balls as if you were loading, but to no avail.

I have also tried the following code but to no avail;

<source type = "video/mp4" src = "http:// [IP-Wowza]: 1935/vod/mp4: xxxxxxxxxx.mp4/playlist.m3u8"

That is what would have to be inserted into the code of flowplayer to see videos?

I would appreciate all the help possible to mount the stage.

thanks for the help and time spent.

The scenario is as follows.

Wowza-Server, where I have videos vod and live-clips

-Web Server, where I have the flowplayer


the code that you have to use is as follows;


Thanks for the update, threads don’t get deleted as they will be useful to others with the same problem.



I am using Flowplayer 5.4.3 and couldn’t get it to display a live RTMP stream. I confirm that the stream works fine, as I can view it with StrobeMediaPlayback. Has anyone succeeded in displaying a live stream with Flowplayer 5 (flash fallback obviously).


I understand the Flowplayer version is not the same but this tutorial may help,