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Flowplayer: page reload conection lost wierd behavior connects randomly


My system is:

I have the following issue:

  • Mobile streaming: RTP (BlackBerry, Android), HLS (iphone) it works fine!

But when i use flowplayer for desktop video the following happens:

1.- First time i load the page and the player start, everything is fine the video plays. When i close the web page the behavior is still normally, Wowza log:

INFO stream stop 1.mp4 -

INFO stream destroy 1.mp4 -

INFO session disconnect 233585448 -

DEBUG server comment - ServerHandler.handleSessionIdle: isDidClose

2.- When i load the page second time the video doesn’t load and wowza doesn’t display anything, is like flowplayer isn’t trying to connect.

3.- If i wait certain minutes (maybe 3-5) and load the page again maybe the problem is gone and the video loads again.

You can see the problem here:

try reloading the webpage the problem will occur.

Please help!

It plays for me first time and after refreshing the page


Great! Glad it’s working. Thanks for the update


It seems that i was the problem in my router i had port forwarded Wowza 1935, 80 and other configuration for when my machine used to be a WMS server (now in a VPS). For this problem the petitions got lost in the routing, i presume.

Anyway thanks for the quick reply! problem solved.

Best regards