Wowza Community

Fluent in Wowza? We have a challenge for you!

We’ve developed a live audio streaming client backed on Wowza+EC2 and a recorder/broadcaster in Flash.

It allows our users to:

  • record themselves with their microphone

  • broadcast the audio content on the Internet and iOS

  • be listened by their audience with a latency 500 to 3000ms

We want to improve it by:

  • migrate from Wowza v2x to v4

  • decrease latency on all platforms (flash-rtmp & iOS) (Max 1500ms)

  • allow recorder to play a continuous background sound in addition to the voice

  • allow recorder to play sample sounds:

  • Provided by us (ab. 6) - like music, jingles, ads

  • Using their own (up to 3)

  • androïd capabilities

  • add identification to use wowza live & vod

Technical specs:

  • Wowza 2.3

  • Adobe Flash Media Encoder (RTMP)

  • Apple HLS

  • Amazon EC2

  • Linux 32 (Wowza EC2 distribution)


4-5 days

Think you can handle this? Well, let’s talk!


From a technical point of view, I can absolutely help you, although we’ll have to do some research and testing on the background sound requirement. Although my availability is relatively limited at the moment, I’ll be happy to discuss the project and see if and how we can fit it in to our agenda. Please contact me by Skype (ID: karelboek) or email.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek