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Freelance / Consultant required - Performance tuning - Load time optimization


I need service for tuning my configuration to reduce the load time of the stream which is around 15 sec - i need to go less than 5 sec.

My workflow :

  • An external provider encode and push the stream on the Origin server

  • The origin server repeat on the edge server

( for the moment i’ve one edge but later i’ll add 2nd and 3rd edge )

  • on the edge i start the stream with StartStreams.xml also to reduce load time

  • The client connect to edges and read RTSP version of the stream

I ve tuned following the basic indications of Wowza support but i need someone expert to tune more and reach 5 sec loading boundary.

I need also to understand the tuning to do.

please contact me urgently :


I’ll be happy to have a look at the configuration and try to reduce the load time as much as possible. I’ll shortly send you an email for further contact. You may also contact me on Skype if that’s more convenient for you; my Skype ID is: karelboek

Kind Regards

Karel Boek