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[FREELANCER REQUIRED] Streaming from VLC HD Channel to Wowza Server

Hi All,

Please i want somebody who can help me with the following problem :

I have a Windows 7 computer who has an AverMedia HD Capture card.

I want to stream this channel to Wowza Media Server.

I have done all of these steps and the server is running

But i have used RTP protocol and the video is freezing every 1 second and the playback is not smooth.

I have no problem with Audio.

Also tested to encode via Ubuntu but i have an error with VLC (mux late buffer) warnings !!??

Tried to change all the variables from encoder and from Wowza and nothing works.

Tried to change the stream type from Live to Live Origin Repeater and nothing works fine.

Note: My Server is Linux CentOS 6 and it’s a repeater - origin - live.

So i have many servers to be edge servers in future.

Please if somebody can help me with a payment in PayPal or something else i can do this just told me what’s the required amount.

And i need this ASAP.

Thanks again,



I’ll be happy to look into the issues together with you; please contact me by email or on Skype (ID: karelboek)

Kind Regards

Karel Boek


I can help you out with this. Contact me at to discuss the project.