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friendly URL


How can I use friendly URL?


my wowza provides -> rtmp: // 1935 / test

I wish it were -> rtmp: //


There is a way to do this, but you’ll need to configure port 80.

You can add port 80 in your VHost.xml (or replace 1935 with 80) for your streaming port.

This would allow the server to listen on port 80 in addition to 1935, or set it to only 80, which would disable connections to 1935.

Then restart your server, and make sure you have port 80 enabled on your server firewall/network.

Then you should then be able to just stream using the domain name without having to specify a port.

Many protocols, including RTMP and HTTP have registered ports. If you’re using the port number that is registered for the protocol, there’s no need to specify the port number in the URL.

As you can see in your VHost.xml, the Streaming HostPort is by default listening on port 1935 - that is the registered port for RTMP. Since Wowza uses the same HostPort for RTMP and HTTP, you can add a comma-separated list of ports in the tag, like this:


When you restart the WowzaStreamingEngine process after the change, Wowza will bind to both port 1935 (the registered port for RTMP) and 80 (registered port for HTTP). Now you do no longer need to specify the port number in the URL, and you can send your stream from your encoder to


then playback the stream e.g over HLS with

hi, Thanks :slight_smile:

hi, Thanks :slight_smile: