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Full duplex WebRTC


I am currently writing a java webrtc client and still trying to understand how Wowza handles WebRTC signaling.

Is there a way to establish full duplex communication between clients through WebRTC with Wowza?

The idea would be to have direct audio/video communication between to clients, similar to facetime.

Is this possible? If so, how would I get this kind of communication established?



Hi, if you need communication between to clients, similar to facetime, you dont need to wowza or other webrtc server. Wowza acts like Selective Forwarding Unit ( SFU ) , actually you use the same api as trying to connect Peer To Peer ( peerconnection, remote description, ice candidate ) the difference is, you publish the stream to the server, not directly to client browser, and the calle get your stream through wowza. You can’t use wowza as signalling for peer to peer, you need sample signalling application such as nodejs Wowza provides a websocket , via this socket, you can send direction publish with sendOffer command, and wowza websocket will sends you sendOffer command with sdp and icecandidates and you process this data, you cant directly communicate to the other connected client to wowza websocket, both of you and other client needs to signal over nodejs etc.

Note that : there is 3 type of communication

Assume 4 participant in video call,

  • Mesh ( Peer to Peer ) ie: you send 3 stream, you get 3 stream
  • Sfu ie : you send 1 stream, you get 3 stream
  • Mcu ie : you send 1 stream, you get 1 stream

All of them has adv and disadvantages.