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Full List: Bug Fixes/Improvements in Engine 4.8.10

Detailed list of changes in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.10

How to Download/Upgrade to 4.8.10

  • Added support for converting AMF timed metadata to Event Message (emsg) timed metadata for MPEG-DASH live streams.
    • Added a new property to configure whether emsgs are added to a stream’s audio or video segments (location: [ install-dir ]/conf/[ application-name ]/Application.xml, //; name: mpegdashDataEventsTrackType; type: String; default: audio).
  • Updated the default behavior for HLS streams to return Gzip encoded content when clients accept it.
    • Added a new property that determines whether to return Gzip encoded content when players accept Gzip encoded content (location: [ install-dir ]/conf/[ application-name ]/Application.xml, //; name: cupertinoUseGzipEncoding; type: Boolean; default: true).
    • Deprecated the following properties:
      • cupertinoForceGZIPPlaylists
      • dvrCupertinoPlaylistUseGzip
      • dvrCupertinoPlaylistGzipThreshold
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect audio frame counts with HLS live streams.
  • Fixed an issue with not reading the language in VTT files that caused the default language (English) to be specified in the master playlist for VOD streams.
  • Fixed an issue with not specifying language names in the native language for subtitles in HLS master playlists.
  • Fixed a Null Pointer Exception that occurred when requesting a nonexistent segment with HLS VOD streams.
  • Fixed an issue with onUnPublish events being called twice for HLS and SRT MediaCaster streams.
  • Fixed an issue with MediaCaster for HLS stream notifications in which onStreamStart would be called prior to the start of streaming, resulting in a mediaCaster.getStream() call from within the onStreamStart() method returning null.
  • Fixed an issue with logging file not found exception warnings when using Media Cache with VOD captions enabled and playing a VOD file that does not include captions.
  • Fixed an issue with MPEG-DASH playback of MP4s that do not contain NAL PPS parameters.
  • Fixed an issue with RTCP NACK messages not being correctly rate-limited with WebRTC streams.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API returning a 404 error instead of a response when requesting an unloaded application.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stream Targets page in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager showing an incorrect status (Waiting) for Active streams.