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Funny client count stats!


I have the following code:

int count = (int)app.getClientCount();

And it turns out, that only RTMP viewers are counted. When looking at Adobe HDS or Apple HTTP streaming, they are not counted. How can I see connection count?




You use appInstance.getHTTPStreamerSessionCount(); for a count of all HTTP sessions.

For RTP sessions, you can use appInstance.getRTPSessionCount();


Is there some global : getAllConnectionCount?


You can use appInstance.getConnectionCounter().getCurrent(). This will return the current count for all connections combined.


hi Atampuri, in my Measure module, that allows you to log player counts per stream/application/technology level, and which you can install and use if you like that) I get player counts with this code, I can recommend this:

Map<String, Integer> flashCounts = appInstance.getPlayStreamCountsByName();

Map<String, Integer> smoothCounts = appInstance.getHTTPStreamerSessionCountsByName(IHTTPStreamerSession.SESSIONPROTOCOL_SMOOTHSTREAMING);

Map<String, Integer> cupertinoCounts = appInstance.getHTTPStreamerSessionCountsByName(IHTTPStreamerSession.SESSIONPROTOCOL_CUPERTINOSTREAMING);

Map<String, Integer> sanjoseCounts = appInstance.getHTTPStreamerSessionCountsByName(IHTTPStreamerSession.SESSIONPROTOCOL_SANJOSESTREAMING);

Map<String, Integer> mpegCounts = appInstance.getHTTPStreamerSessionCountsByName(IHTTPStreamerSession.SESSIONPROTOCOL_MPEGDASHSTREAMING);

Map<String, Integer> rtspCounts = appInstance.getRTPSessionCountsByName();

When working with Wowza API, I found that the most promising general methods usually only apply to RTMP clients. It feels like the first versions of Wowza only had them and they did not change the api when new streaming types were added.