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GeoIP blocking: transparently substitute alternate stream on block

Hi all,

I’m playing with redirects in the GeoIP blocking module to give listeners a proper error message when they are blocked from a stream. It sort of works, but not ideal.

What I’d like to do is transparently substitute either a different stream or a static local file (maybe audio-only vod?) without redirecting the client. Is this possible?


Hey @scottsca,

The commercial GeoIP plugin which I created provides this functionality. When a client gets blocked by one of the GeoIP/CIDR/IP Netmask rules, you define the behaviour to rewrite to a VOD file for example.

The documentation of the GeoIP plugin and it’s options/configuration:

The plugin is available for purchase here:




You can set a different stream name for a player by using the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2.resolvePlayAlias methods. If you decide you want the player to play an alternative stream then you set the name here. If you decide to reject playback then you can return null here. You wouldn’t be able to send a vod stream to a player if it requested a live stream but you could have a vod file running in a loop on a server side published stream and send that to the player.