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Get client details for a Cupertino Streaming using JMX

Hi, we want to get a detailed connection statistics for our live events.

These events include voice translations for many languages.

So we need to extract a connection counters per language.

Other client details (IP, referrer, …) are good for a diagnostic and support.

We can get required details for RTMP connections using “WowzaMediaServerPro:,name=Client" and "WowzaMediaServerPro:,name=BaseClass”.

The extracted total counters are equal to "“WowzaMediaServerPro:*,name=ConnectionsRTMP”.

Can we extract client details for a Cupertino Streaming ?


Hello Vlladimir

JMX will be limited for statistics at that level but, alternatively, we do provide basic statistics through our Wowza Manager and through our http providers. The latter you can extend to obtain more information per your requirement(s). Additionally, here is some starter code for http related statistics.