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Get duration of recorded stream (REST API)


I’m using the REST API to start a streamrecorder.

How can I get the final duration of the recorded mp4 file? (Via API or at least from my other server)

I could kepp track of when I start and stop, but that doesn’t give me the exact duration and the streaming camera can stop without my server knowing about it.

Checking for you @Anders Gunnarsson. I know you can do this through JAVA API, but I’ll be back shortly re: REST API.

The specific stream recorder name can retrieve the currentDuration

GET /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/instances/{instanceName}/streamrecorders/{recorderName}


GET /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/instances/{instanceName}/streamrecorders/{recorderName}/default

Let me know if this works for you @Anders Gunnarsson,