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Getting config parameters from Application.xml

I suspect I’ve seen this answered before, but a search of the forum archives didn’t point me to where I’ve seen it.

I need to be able to set some runtime config variables to be used by some of my modules. For example, if I want my module to write verbose logs I normally pass in a command line argument when I write my own code, but can’t vary well do that with a Wowza module. Can I use, for example, the Application/Properties section of my application’s Application.xml to pass settings? Like verbosetrue? If so, what’s the proper way to read that property?

If I can find out the proper way to do that then I can change runtime operation by modifying my Application.xml file and restarting Wowza, rather than having to modify, recompile, and scp my module to the server.

Yes, you can set properties there, then read and set them in application module

appInstance.getProperties().setProperty("var", "val");
String var = appInstance.getProperties().getPropertyStr("var");


Excellent! Thank you very much.