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Getting EZDRM integration to work

I have a test EZDRM account. I want to play out Widevine encrypted VOD content using video.js (with dash.js and the video.js dash contrib) in a browser.

I have configured WOWZA to use EZDRM and have created a .key file as defined in the EZDRM Universal DRM document.

Unencrypted content plays correctly.

Encrypted content is fetched (the licence is checked, an initialisation segment is requested and returned and the first 3 chunks of audio and video are requested and returned) but the content does not play. There are no error messages.

I have also tried to play the content on some of the reference players provided on line - with no success.

I’m not sure now where the problem lies:

  • my settings in the .key file
  • WOWZA’s encryption
  • video.js / dash.js

If anyone has an end-to-end example, or any suggestions on how I can further debug this, I would be grateful.