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Getting started with html5

Hi, I have installed my WSE locally on my dev machine and I’m able to play the test stream in VLC like this … rtmp://

Now I would like to play the same stream in a web page as MPEG-DASH like this …

<video width="640" height="400" controls="controls" src=""></video>

I see the play but I don’t get any response and no errors in the console.

I tried the page but it doesn’t work with this url and I assume that is because I am running locally on my dev machine? What is the quickest way for me to see this playing in a video tag?

I see a list of players, is that required? What’s a good one?

Hello @Andy_Weston, welcome to the forums community!

The m3u8 at the end of your url is for HLS playback only. If you’d like to play an MPEG-DASH stream, you’ll need to make sure MPEG-DASH is check marked for playback in Engine and use a different url structure.

Your VOD playback url for mpeg-dash will look like this- as an example:

As far as an easy test player, you can try this one:

Otherwise, we provide the full step-by-step on how to stream Mpeg-Dash and how to test it in Shaka player here:

Awesome, thanks, that url works in that test player.
(but not in my own video tag)
I will try out that dash.js

Oh cool, the only requirement for dash.js to work in the video tag is that the browser you’re using supports the Media Source Extensions spec in HTML 5, which almost all modern browsers do. But, thought I’d mention it just in case. You can do a quick google search to see what browser versions support MSE.