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Getting started with players (newbie)

I’m reading the Wowza docs, and it refers to about a half-dozen players for various technologies. I support university students, and need to provide on-demand access for Windows and OS X desktops, and Windows / iOS / Droid mobile. We have close to 20,000 assets – mostly audio, but a growing number of video assets. We plan to have one web page for each series, where a series has multiple (links to) files.

It seems daunting to provide so many players for all our web pages, but I could be wrong. How do others approach this situation? I’ve heard about JW Player – does that make it so you only need one player?

If anyone has some web code of a similar system, I’d love to see it. thanks


Hi Bob,

JW player supports Flash RTMP and Apple HLS compatible devices (cupertino streaming) and has fallback for RTSP.

Most Android devices support Apple HLS and those that don’t generally support RTSP.

Please see our JW Player article for configuration details.




Certainly Windows and OS X desktops, plus iOS, but Android is a wildcard, most new devices support HLS quite well now, but older ones are best playing RTSP.

There’s a good discussion over on the JW player portal regarding HLS support on Android and fall back to RTSP.

Streaming to Windows Phone though is left out in the dark. You basically have to build an App, for WP8 as the built-in player does not support either Microsoft Smooth or HLS.

He’s a good starting point for building such an app though.



Thanks for that. Does this mean that the platforms I listed in my original post would all work with JW Player?