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Glitchy playback on unique time-shifting application

I’m running into a lot of glitchy and choppy playback on some timeshifted streams. I’m hoping someone might have some ideas on what to look for or try here.

We’re running a 3xtimezone timeshift server plus live.

Workflow is as follows:

Application 1 (“ingest”) takes the rtmp feed in, transcodes a 360p and a 720p passthrough, and sends them to the CDN for a realtime stream, while also sending the 720p passthrough to Application 2 (ironically currently named “live”).

Application 2 takes that stream in, and timeshifts a 1 hour, 1xhour and 3xhour delayed signal all in 360p and 720p passthrough, then off to the CDN.

On playback, the realtime feeds from Application 1 is playing back flawlessly.

Playback from the delayed feeds (both the transrated 360p and the passthrough 720p) are glitchy, choppy, the audio skips, the video skips. Seems to be about every 4-6 seconds or so.

Any help with what to look at would be amazingly helpful. Thank you!

Wowza Engine details:

Engine Version

4.2.0 (build 15089)

Engine Manager Version

4.2.0 (build 15089)
OSLinux (amd64)

Java InformationJava Version1.8.0_25

Java VM Version25.25-b02
Java Architecture64
Java NameJava HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM
Java VendorOracle Corporation
Java Home/usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine-4.2.0/jre1.8.0_25
Java Max Heap Size10000MB

Hey @Nathan Kordyjaka thanks for reaching out in the forums. Since you haven’t received a response in here yet, would you mind opening a support ticket so we can run some tests on your workflow? There could be so many reasons why and this will be the best way to find the true solution.

You can do that here:

Thanks @Rose Power! I will open one. Appreciate it.