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GoCoder RTMP connection error handling

Hi, I’m using GoCoder SDK for iOS ver1.9 and would like to ask about the RTMP connection error handling.

At the time of connection lost, we’d like to show some error UI in app for users, so we want to know the exact way to detect it by delegate or callback or notification.

We observed WOWZBroadcastStatusCallback.onWOWZError, and the NSError.code = 15.

I think, this is WOWZError.unknownError.rawValue = 15, so I’m concerned about that this is best way to error handling or not.

If SDK has other solution, could you tell us?

Hi @YUUA ONCHI, if you type error code 15 sdk in the forums search bar, you’ll see several posts discussing what this means. We try to keep “accepted answers” to a question in one post.

Here is one to help you get started:

Thank for reply.

But, I didn’t ask about the error code 15.

The enum .unknownError is ambiguous to use as the reason of RTMP connection lost, I suppose.

I’d like to ask any other ways to detect RTMP connection error, by delegate or callback or notification.

Could you review our question again?

Hi, @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager if you have some information about it, could you give us?

Or, should I make support ticket about it?

Hi, @Amara Graham, we’re waiting response about GoCoder SDK from technical point.

Could we take some support from Wowza in this forum?

Hi there, our community forums are not an official support channel. Wowzans and community members look to answer these questions as we can. If you are working on something time sensitive, I always recommend creating a support ticket.

The example at the bottom of this post should help you, I’m not familiar with a less ambiguous way, unfortunately -

Hi, @Amara Graham, thank you for your reply.

OK, I’ll make a support ticket.

I’d like to request better way to implement better service with Wowza SDK!