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Gocoder RTMP stream

Would like to use the Gocoder as a secondary camera for a livestream. We use a cloud based switcher that provides the RTMP url and key to input into device being used. I cant seem to grasp the workflow on how to make this work. Any help would be appreciated.

GoCoder does not use RTMP but instead uses RTSP. You can find this information in our documentation.

From that page:

Wowza GoCoder™ is an RTSP-based mobile live-streaming encoding app for Apple iOS and Android devices. If you’re running Wowza Streaming Engine Manager on a device that has the GoCoder app, you can automatically configure the app with live application connection settings to publish a stream from Wowza GoCoder to a live application in Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software. If you’re running Wowza Streaming Engine Manager on the local server computer or on a remote computer, you can send the connection settings for a live application to an email app on the device and launch GoCoder with the prescribed settings by clicking the URL in the email message.