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GoCoder SDK and custom video source selection

Hi there,

I would like to know when Android SDK is available.

We have an Android app connected to external camera and would like to stream the video.

Is that possible?

Hi there.

Please open a ticket with support by emailing with your request.

Please also include a link to this thread in your email as reference.




We offer both a GoCoder white label and now also GoCoder SDK. The SDK simplifies mobile app development for iOS and Android by offering a common, cross-platform API to capture and stream live video and audio with broad support for the ever growing spectrum of connected, handheld devices. For more information, contact The SDK includes iOS and Android sample apps and full API reference documentation.


Hi heibaijun,

You would need to contact our Sales team via email for details on how to obtain the GoCoder SDK.



i can not find sdk download button on, how can i download it