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Gocoder-sdk-camera2-shaders error: cannot find symbol class WZBroadcastConfig


I’m building the gocoder-sdk-camera2-shaders sample code from GitHub and I am experiencing the following error:

It seems as though some of the classes are missing from the .aar file.

As you can see in the following image, WowzaGoCoder has been imported successfully but the others have not.

I’m using the latest SDK from here ‘gocoder-sdk-android-build-0712-v1.7.0’.


Looking into this for you…

Tech support says this is pointing to the old WZ library references (WZBroadcastConfig) and it should be WOWZ… e.g. WOWZBroadcastConfig.

We need to get that updated, my apologies.

if you change the WZ to WOWZ, it should work.

Thanks for your response Rose. I’d managed to figure out the issue not long after posting the question and get the sample working.

I’ve submitted a pull request with the fix here: