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Google Analytics and Streamlock

Background: Our on-premise Wowza server was set up and working great with Google Analytics, but our website that contained the streaming links was old, unsecure, and needed updating.

So we made two changes: First we built a new website using Squarespace. Then I set up Wowza’s Streamlock service so I could use HTTPS links on our new site. The streams play properly and everything seemed great at first.

Then I noticed our Google Analytics data was going crazy. Our listener stats jumped way up, abnormally high. The data patterns still seem correct…in other words, our most popular streams still get the most hits, and the ebb and flow of weekdays/weekends/holidays all seem to follow normal conventions. But it almost seems like 1 listener connection gets counted about 10x or 15x, inflating our stats.

Can anyone think of potential causes?
Would Streamlock or Squarepace more likely be the culprit?

Thanks in advance.