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GPU accelerated transrating in VMware environment?

We are running a Wowza server inside a VMware Vsphere (6.7) at a Dell blade M640 installation.

For transrating you are supporting GPU acceleration.

Will Wowza support a PGU card pluged into that blade?

Card is a dxg-p6 running NVIDIA Tesla GRID P6.


According to our engineers, we should be able to support the P6 GPU, assuming that the correct Nvidia drivers are available.

I hope this helps.

As a followup I found this documentation at your side:

" Accelerated encoding isn’t available when running on a virtual hardware environment such as VMware or Xen" but my question above belongs to VMware.

As an addition we are running Wowza at Debin/Ubuntu.

Could it be that this document is not actual?

That comment could be out of date and if so, we apologize and will update it. The grid GPUs are specifically designed to work in a VM environment so as long as the GPU is recognized on the VM, then it should work ok. You may need to speak with Nvidia to get the specifics about setting up the GPU.

If you run into issues on our end, then please submit a support ticket so we can assist further:

Do you have any Benchmarks of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs? (Maybe a P6)

As those GPUs are not very cheap in buying it would be worth to get knowlege of acceleration.

Hi @DFN VC, here are some benchmarks with recent NVidia GPUs (not the P6 though, but the P3 is there):