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Graphic card for transcoding?

Hi there,

I have an HP G7 Server having 24 Xeon E659 @ 2.53 GHz with 128 GB of ram no graphic card running linux 6.2 Santiago.

Currently, I have 8 live stream which, I transcode in Wowza server different bitrates and CPU of machine goes haywire i.e. 90% utilized almost all 24 CPU’s.

Also we are using adaptive bitrate streaming i.e. SMIL for our customers.

Wondering if anyone can suggest a good graphic card we can use for transcoding taking the load of CPU’s.

Also, If we add a GPU for transcoding how many live streams can we push to a single wowza server?

How much load would a GPU take away from CPU’s while transcoding?

We are planning to have 20 live streams over a single Wowza server.

Appreciate if anyone could help.

We have a list of Transcoder benchmarks that will help you make an informed decision. That article can be found below.