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H.264 Live encoding or Stream from Canon HV20


Can anyone direct me on how I can encode live form Canon HV20 in HDV mode?

Tried adobe encoder -doesnt work.

Tried on2live - doent work.

WOWZA doesnt start at all.

Thanks in advance

You will most likely need some type of capture card to make it work with an encoder.


It is tough to tell for sure. It depends on how the driver exposes the camera when connected on the machine. You may want to contact the camera vendor.


Did you try VLC with Firewire ? Should work …

Guys I am totally novice.

Can you explain clearly if I have to purchase capture card ,which one should I buy and I do nto undersnt VLC.

Thank you repliing and trying to help


in simple terms:

  1. You need a video capture card to use with the camera

  2. You need Videolan(VLC) software to get the stream from the capture card , encode it to H264 and then stream it to wowza server

  3. You need wowza set up so it can restream what comes as output from videolan.

  4. You need a flash player that will conect to wowza and display the stream

  5. You need about a week time to figure out how to set up everything

and finally

  1. you need to do that on a powerful computer as the encoding step requires some CPU

Good luck