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Handling breakDurationAutoReturn when it is true

I have been following this guide on inserting cue headers for an HLS stream:

In the example, breakDurationAutoReturn is false. However, I need to handle that flag when it is true. I cannot find any information on this at all, and would like some guidance on what would be the proper way to handle that flag using Wowza’s Java API.

I’ve tried inserting an additional splice event for cue-in, by checking if breakDurationAutoReturn is true, and calculating spliceLocation.timecode as

spliceTimeMS + (ptsAdjustment/90) + (breakDuration/90)

Sometimes (not always), a cue-in header will be inserted, but the chunk splitting will be off and the header will not be inserted in the right spot. I have a feeling I’m not approaching this correctly, and would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.