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Hardcoding Silverlight Manifest URL

Hello - I had this post on the ‘Live Streams and Encoding’ forum with title ‘Silverlight Manifest URL Customization’ and since I didn’t get a response, figured it might be an incorrect forum to post this question and hence re-posting here with some alternations in the description.

We have tested Live Streaming using Silverlight Player and have found it to work well. Per the User guide, we have hosted the clientsilverlight folder on IIS and have been accessing the Stream through the default.html page, that comes within the clientsilverlight folder, by manually keying-in the Manifest URL.

My client is desiring the following customizations:

A. Expose a single URL to the end-user that upon clicking with pull the live stream. In the backend the manifest URL must automatically feed into the ‘SimpleSmoothStreaming.xap’.

B. Customize the landing page replacing the WOWZA logo with the client logo.

Understand that the source code has been provided for customizations, but was wondering if there are any code samples available out there that could be referenced/re-used to acheieved the aforementioned objective.




Take a look at the SMF Framework Smooth player:

And the Expression 4 Templates