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Hardware reqired to handel 1000 Clients

Hi, Our Customer wants us to install one Server who can handle 1 Incoming Llive Stream and handle on the same Hardware over an iis 1000 simultane Clients. The incoming stream is 1080P and also the outgoing Stream should me 1080p.

We need to know if our HW is sufficent enough to handle all that together.

The Hardware wo thought:

8Core 16HT CPU

64GB Ram

4x SSD in a RAID 10

Nvidia P6000 for transcoding

1x 10Gbit NW for the clients

1x 1Gbit NW for the incoming Stream

We know that the NW Cards can handle the Traffic our Question focus is on the CPU handle the 1000Client requests

best regards from Austria :slight_smile:

Maybe this is usefull for you. although its only for rtmp streams. Maybe the support team can tell you moren on this tool

For more detailed info i think its best to open a support ficket for your needs.

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I think Hardware Server Spec, this can be done according to your needs.
from my experience.

I suggest that you should control Incoming Stream Source 1080p bitrate not to exceed 4Mbps.

and Transcoder Output should not exceed 4 Profiles.

best regards,


That’s enough hardware. Can you let’s me know server brand or model?